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How to Play Videos ‘Picture in Picture’

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When a video is playing, you can turn on Picture in Picture from the notification area of your Chromebook.

Picture in Picture - Chromebook
Picture in Picture – Chromebook

Picture in Picture

Picture in Picture makes it easy to watch videos while doing other tasks on your Chromebook. For example, you can play an video guide and take note using a Google Docs.

If you are using Google Chrome on Windows 10 or macOS, you will see the Picture in Picture option on the Chrome toolbar.

On a Chromebook, this is now available in the notification area. To use Picture in Picture:

  1. Play a YouTube video.
  2. Click the bottom-right corner of your desktop where the time and battery icons appear.Chromebook notification area
  3. On the YouTube notification, click the Picture in Picture (PiP) icon.

The selected video will now start playing in Picture in Picture mode.

Video in Picture in Picture
Video in Picture in Picture

You can now drag this video anywhere on your Chromebook desktop.

Exit Picture in Picture

To exit Picture in Picture and go back to the tab where the video is playing, click the Back to tab icon on the video.

Back to tab
Back to tab

You can also click the “x” icon on the top-right corner to exit Picture in Picture.

Cancel Picture in Picture
Cancel Picture in Picture

Resize Videos – Picture in Picture

To resize the Picture in Picture window, click the resize icon on the top-left corner of the video.

Resize video
Resize video

Play and Pause Videos in Picture in Picture

The Picture in Picture mode has playback controls. You can use the Play/Pause icon to control videos while they are in Picture in Picture.

Playback control in Picture in Picture mode
Playback control in Picture in Picture mode

Hope you found this article useful. If you have any questions about the PiP mode, post them in the comments section.

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  1. Curtis J Pogue Avatar
    Curtis J Pogue

    The pop out option is not showing for me, running Version 85.0.4183.74 (Official Build) beta (64-bit)

    1. I am on Canary. Please give this a try after next update 🙂

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