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How to Install Chrome Themes on Edge

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Microsoft Edge browser now supports browser themes from the Chrome Web Store. This article explains how to install it.

Enable Chrome Theme Support

Chrome theme support is now available in the Canary version of Edge. This will soon reach Beta and Stable versions. For the time being, you must enable the following flag to get this feature:

Allow installation of external store themes: Turn this on to allow themes from external web stores to be installed in Microsoft Edge. – Mac, Windows

Enable this flag and restart Edge. Now, you are ready to install Chrome theme on Edge.

Install Chrome theme on Edge

To install a Chrome theme on Edge:

  1. Visit the Themes section of the Chrome Web Store here.
  2. When you visit the Store for the first time, you will see a notification asking you to enable support for themes and extensions from other stores. Click the Allow extensions from other stores.Edge install Chrome theme
  3. On the permission popup, click Allow.Allow Chrome themes
  4. Browse and find a theme of your choice.Add to Chrome
  5. Click Add to Chrome. The theme will be downloaded and applied to Edge.Chrome Theme - Edge

To change to a different theme, browse and find the new theme and click Add to Chrome.

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