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Drag Apps to Chromebook Shelf to Pin Them (Coming Soon)

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Chromebooks are getting another Androidsque feature. You will soon be able to drag any app from the launcher to the shelf to pin them.

Drag to Pin

On your Android phone, you have a favorites bar at the bottom of the screen. It is a row of apps present across all your home screens. This is where we usually keep the most frequently used apps.

Chromebook Shelf
Chromebook Shelf

For me, this includes the phone app, camera app, and WhatsApp, etc. I can drag any app from my launcher to this row to pin it there.

I cannot do this yet on my Chromebook. The only way to pin an app is to right-click and choose Pin.

This is changing. A code commit that we spotted today talks about a new “feature of dragging an unpinned open app to pin in shelf”

“Previously the only way to pin an unpinned open app in shelf is to use the context menu. In this update, we enable the feature that dragging an unpinned open app to the pinned app side is available to pin the app.”

When will I get this feature?

This feature is in the early stages of development. I am yet to see this in the Canary channel of Chrome OS, which updates almost every day.

After this feature shows up in the Canary channel, it will take a few weeks for it to reach the Stable channel. You will get to use this feature when it is available in the Stable channel.

I will update this article with a video demo when this feature becomes available.

Do you think this is a useful feature, something that you will use a lot? Let us know in the comments section.

5 responses to “Drag Apps to Chromebook Shelf to Pin Them (Coming Soon)”

  1. Ciprian Laza Avatar
    Ciprian Laza

    I’m a bit confused because I can already do this on my pixel slate

    1. Really? I tried this on my Pixel Slate, Canary and it didn’t work for me?

  2. Ciprian Laza Avatar
    Ciprian Laza

    If you mean dragging apps from app launcher to the shelf, then yes I can do this

    1. Strange.. then why are they “developing” something that’s already there?

      1. Ciprian Laza Avatar
        Ciprian Laza

        I have no idea but I was able to do this since the day I got my Pixel Slate last year in December. and if I remember correctly it was at chrome os 79. I have stable 84 now

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