Chromebook Dark Mode is Almost Here

A recent code change request suggests that we will soon see dark mode on Chromebooks. We are yet to see an experimental flag to enable this feature though.

Update – 16-OCT-2020: Google has added the experimental flag to enable dark mode to the source code. We should see this flag and an early version of Chrome OS dark mode in the next Canary channel update.

Dark/light mode of system UI: Enables the dark/light mode of system UI, which includes shelf, launcher, system tray, etc.”

Update – 25-SEP-2020: Google has added dark mode icons for the Keyboard Shortcuts app, Wallpaper app, and the Settings app.

Dark Mode – Code Change

The recent code change request that we spotted talks about adding the dark mode toggle to the ash system tray (the widget that pops up when you click time)

Chrome OS System Tray

Add dark mode feature pod: This CL adds skeleton code for the dark mode feature pod.”

When you look within the code comments, you can see the strings added for dark mode:

Code change for Chromebook Dark Mode

It will take a few more weeks for us to see this feature in action. As usual, Chrome Story will be looking at upcoming updates to the Chrome OS Canary channel updates to being you the latest news on this front.

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Source: Gerrit.

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9 responses

  1. awesome, thank you

    1. You are welcome 🙂

  2. Dark mode exists in Android version for a long time. Idem for Canary as a tag. How come that Google takes such long time to update the OS version ? Not only for dark mode.

    1. Well, Chrome OS is not just one OS anymore. They have to consider Chrome OS, Android, Linux, and even Windows app. That’s my guess.

  3. Adjusting the “color temperature” is not the same as “dark mode”. Night Light is for comfortable reading. It adds an orange overlay to the bright white background.

    1. Yes, but whenever I tried night light on my Chromebook, dropped frames made it quite unusable. Are you using night light?

  4. how to dark mode on chromebook

    1. Dark Mode for Chromebook is still a work-in-progress. Stay tuned for news on this.

  5. My guy, It’s literally almost 2022 and there’s still no dark mode (specifically on OS) – When will this happen? I’ve been waiting for awhile.

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