Google tests an API to ‘allow all sites to initiate mirroring’

Google is experimenting support for Presentation API which will allow any website to initiate tab mirroring.

Presentation API

The Presentation API allows websites to initiate tab mirroring or casting to a connected device.

According to Mozilla developer documentation:

“The Presentation API lets a user agent (such as a Web browser) effectively display web content through large presentation devices such as projectors and network-connected televisions. Supported types of multimedia devices include both displays which are wired using HDMI, DVI, or the like, or wireless, using DLNAChromecastAirPlay, or Miracast.”

Presentation mode

If there are no connected devices, the API can present content on a separate window. A document explains:

“In the spirit of experimentation, the Second Screen Presentation Community Group has been working on a series of proof-of-concept demos for the Presentation API, using custom browser builds and/or existing plug-ins to implement or emulate the Presentation API, when available, or falling back to opening content in a separate browser window otherwise.”

Allow all sites to initiate mirroring

Google Chrome is set to experiment this new API. A new flag that we spotted today brings Presentation API to Chrome:

Allow all sites to initiate mirroring: When enabled, allows all websites to request to initiate tab mirroring via Presentation API. Requires #cast-media-route-provider to also be enabled”

You can track the progress of this project here. The Chrome Status page has a couple of demos that we can use.

Presentation API demo

On the demo page, you can initiate presentation. Chrome will display a list of available cast devices.

Now that we have the experimental flag ready, we will see more developers making use of this feature.

Are you a developer working on a feature using the Presentation API? Share your project in the comments section for us to try.

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