Chrome will Notify Users When it Uses a Significant Amount of Storage

Google Chrome is working on a new UI to notify users when it uses a significant amount of storage. You will see this notification when the computer is facing a “storage pressure”.

Storage pressure UI

The bug associated with this change summarizes this feature pretty well:

“Add UI to help end-users detect and recover from storage pressure (low available disk space) when Chrome is consuming a non-trivial amount of disk space.”

Chrome already has an option to clear site storage and cache. However, the team is working on improving this. A proactive notification when Chrome uses large amount of storage is one of them.

“Add a bubble view notification that will alert end users when they
are getting low on disk space availability, a state known as storage
pressure. Notification will be triggered when a site attempts to store
something using a quota managed storage API (IndexedDB, FileSystem,
AppCache, or CacheStorage) that would take the user below 15% disk
The notification will be limited to show at most once
per day.”

Apart from this, you will also see expanded notifications when you clear storage for websites. These new prompts will provide more information on what you are deleting.

Clear All Data Prompt
Chrome Clear Data – New UI

‘Enable storage pressure UI’ Flag

An experimental flag is now available in the Canary version of Chrome to test this.

Enable storage pressure UI: If enabled, Chrome will trigger system notifications to warn about storage pressure.

I have enabled this flag and restarted Chrome. However, the notification will trigger only when the storage is low.

This is indeed a useful feature to have. Memory and storage usage improvements are always welcome.

Have you experience Chrome using too much storage space on your computer?

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