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Google Drops Plans for macOS-like ‘Hot Corners’ Feature on Chromebooks

Google has dropped plans to develop “Corner Shortcuts” a feature similar to Hot Corners on macOS. The feature was under development for a brief period. However, a latest code change spotted by 9to5Google shows that the team has cancelled the project.

Hot Corners

Hot Corners is a macOS feature that allows you to trigger actions by pointing your mouse cursor to an assigned corner of your screen. For example, you can start the screensaver by pointing mouse to a corner of the screen.

Chrome OS code changes suggested that we will soon see a similar feature on Chromebooks. This was not surprising considering the recent addition to Chrome OS called Quick Answers, which worked similar to macOS’ “Look Up” feature.

The latest news, a code change in the Chromium source code, suggests that Corner Shortcuts project is no longer active.

“Rip out flag for CornerShortcuts: Since we are no longer moving forward with this project, rip out the flag and associated feature control.”

The commit log clearly suggests that they are “no longer moving forward with this project”. When you look at the code change, you will see the flag for this feature is removed:

Will this feature come back? Do you think Google has a better idea to use shortcuts from wallpapers or screensavers? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section.

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