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Google Chrome allows you to create multiple profiles to keep browsing history and bookmarks etc. separate. This article explains how to change the profile picture and rename your Google Chrome profile.

Assigning a profile picture is useful when sharing the same computer with other users or keeping your work and personal browsing separate. Changing Chrome profile names for different users or purposes will help you keep them organized too.

Change Profile Picture

Similarly, you can use the same screen to change the profile icon too. You can choose from the icons on the Edit profile screen or select your Google account picture.

However, you cannot use a custom image on the Chrome profile. To use a custom image as your Chrome profile icon, change your Google account picture. You will find the official help article here.

To select a new image, click the image. Google Chrome will save your changes automatically.

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12 responses to “How to change your profile picture on Google Chrome”

  1. Hi, thk for this tips!

    Is there a way to put a personal icon ?

    1. I agree with Sébastien, here. Although, I want to note, first, that I think selecting a personal icon might be in Chrome 17+ only.

      On Canary, I use two profiles with Chrome and one of them successfully pulled my Google+ profile image. On the other profile, I’m stuck with the stock Chrome icons (I’m failing to see that account’s Google+ profile image as an option). I have both accounts synced up. Anyone have any advice?

      1. same thing happens to me

  2. Tried to change my chrome profile name, there isn’t that option in the settings menu, It only shows the accounts.

    1. You are not getting the edit option?

  3. You can’t change the actual picture you can only change the login picture like if you didn’t sign out proply

    1. that is so true i can never change it

    2. If you go to google and go to the icon on the top there will be an option to change it. In settings that is the picture for the homescreen.

  4. i didnt find anything helpful

  5. I have three profiles but they’re associated with one Google account. Is there no way I can use custom icons/avatars/pictures for each of the three profiles, without creating new Google accounts?

  6. It wont let me it says “You can’t change the photo for this account”

    1. Is this a work/school account?

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