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You can Soon Share Chrome Tab Groups

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You will soon be able to share URLs in a “Tab Group” in Google Chrome. A tab group contains a set of websites or URLs, and Chrome will allow users to share this list.

Chrome Tab Groups Sharing Added to Chromium Code

Google recently added a “Tab Groups” feature to Chrome. With this feature, you can add multiple websites or URLs into a group. You can add or remove more links to this group, or even ungroup the entire group.

A code change request submitted to the Chromium Gerrit repository suggests that the team is adding an option to share tab groups:

“Introduce TabGroup sharing”

“This CL adds an item in TabGridDialog toolbar menu to expose tab group sharing. The group is shared as plain text which is in the format of a list of URLs of all tabs in the group.”

The code change request is for the Android version of Chrome. However, we are unsure if this feature will be limited to Android or mobile versions of Chrome. The bug created to track this feature request is private and that stops us from getting additional details on this feature.

On Android, we will most likely see this sharing option working alongside Android’s sharing menu. With that, users will be able to use any messaging app to send the tab group. It will be interesting to see if Chrome on the receiver’s end will be able to identify this message as a tab group and open it as one on their device.

Google has a lot more sharing features in the works for Chrome. We recently reported that the browser will get a “Peer to Peer Sharing” option too.

Is Google getting ready to build an AirDrop competitor? Share your thoughts in the comments field.

Source: Gerrit.

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