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Chrome OS to Use Machine Learning to Rank ‘Suggested Apps’

Google has been exploring Machine Learning to improve Google Chrome and Chrome OS. A new flag added to the Canary version of Chrome OS shows Google using ML to rank “suggested apps”.

Rank suggested apps with ML

  • Flag name: Rank suggested apps with ML
  • Description: Use the aggregated ML model to rank the suggested apps. – Chrome OS
  • URL: chrome://flags/#aggregated-ml-app-ranking

For now, the only place I can think of where Google might be using this is a single row of suggested apps o the launcher.

I enabled this flag, restart my Pixelbook and checked the suggested apps. Suggested apps did change after I applied this flag. However, I can’t really say if it made the suggestions any better. However, this is Machine Learning and it needs some time and data to learn from my usage.

Before the flag:

Before the ML flag

After the flag:

After the ML flag

I am still exploring the Chrome OS interface to see if there are other places where Google might be placing the recommended apps.

Do you think Machine Learning will improve your experience with your Chromebook? Where else do you think Google should use ML to improve Chrome OS? Let me know in comments.

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