Google is Adding a ‘Snake’ Game and a chrome://games Page to Chrome

Google is preparing a big push for games on Chrome. My initial thought was that this has something to do with Stadia, but I haven’t found any such connection yet. We are most likely going to see a curated list of web-based games.

The Code – Project “Joy”

Google is working on a set of changes for Chrome under the code name “joy“. Looking at some of the code commits for this project and by tracking code submitted by the same engineer, I found three main things.

  1. Chrome will add a new page called chrome://games.
  2. Chrome’s “Top sites” or “explore” page on Android will feature a “Games” section.
  3. This could be a demo game, but Google is working on a “Snake Game”

Chrome Games Page

You can find the code changes related to the chrome://games page here. I could not find any details about what will be hosted on this page yet. However, on Android, the plan is to add a “Games” section to the “Top Sites” page.

If we think in the same way, the chrome://games page on desktop might be a curated list of games built for the browser.

The Snake Game

This was a big surprise to me. Looking through code commits around project “Joy”, I found this code commit.

When ready, this page will be hosted on chrome://snake, similar to chrome://dino.

Now, here are some images from the upcoming Chrome Snake game:

Chrome Snake Game with Apple
Chrome Snake Game “Rainbow”

Update: The following icon is not from the “Snake” game. According to Android Police, this is the icon for Proxx, a web-based game.

PS: I will be keeping a close eye on this new page in the coming days. Subscribe to Chrome Story using your favorite method to stay tuned. I will have a demo of the game as soon as it is available for testing on Chrome Story’s YouTube channel too.

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