Google is Testing ‘Several Variations’ of the Dark Mode

A code change that I spotted today talks about adding a few more variants of Chrome’s dark mode to test. I am not quite sure if the plan is to give users more options, or if the team is testing a few options before picking the right type of dark mode for the browser.

The Code

Here is what the code change request has:

Add simple RGB-based inversion option for dark mode.This was requested in the bug, but it didn’t make it into the previous CL.

The bug associated with this change is publically available and that’s where we get more details about this project.

Currently, the experiment flag toggling Dark Mode on Android has exactly two states: enabled and disabled. The flag should be modified to accommodate several variations of the feature.

Please look into how easy or difficult it would be to Change the “Android Web Contents Dark Mode” finch flag so that instead of having the Options: Enabled, Disabled, Default, it had the options Default, Disabled, Version1, Version2, Version3, etc, where toggling on Version 2 used the second version of the dark theme smart invert configuration

If you read the description from the bug, it sounds more like Google testing a few variations of the dark mode. You can see up to eight variations that Google is planning to test. Some of them include “image inversion” too.

Color inversion for Chrome Dark Mode

Available in Canary to Test

The “Force Dark Mode for Web Contents” flag has been updated with these additional options, both on Android and desktop versions of Chrome.

Chrome on Desktop

Chrome for Android

I enabled all these variants and tested, but could not find any visible difference in how the page looks. Looks like these changes are more around the implementation of the dark mode feature.

Comments? More details to add?

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