Coming Soon – Uninstall Apps from Chrome OS Shelf

Chrome OS Shelf, the taskbar or row of open and “pinned” apps, will soon have an option to uninstall apps too.

At present, you can do a few things by right-clicking apps on Shelf. For Android apps, you can pin or unpin apps. For some apps, you will get quick actions, or “App shortcuts” similar to Android phones and tablets. For example, if you right-click the Clock app, you’ll get:

You will soon get an option to uninstall apps from here, making it easy to do so. This reminds me of the option to uninstall apps by dragging shortcuts from the home screen towards the top of the screen. I don’t have to open the app menu, find the app and then proceed to uninstall.

The Code

I spotted this code commit today:

add uninstall option to shelf

We usually pin our favorite or most frequently used apps to the Shelf. How often would you uninstall such an app?

There is another possibility though. When you open any app, pinned or unpinned, you will see its icon on the Shelf. If we can right-click and uninstall such apps, that will be useful.

Do you think this will be a useful feature to have? Let me know in comments!

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