Chrome OS App Management Makes It Easy to Manage Permissions

A few weeks ago I told you all about a new app management page coming to Chrome and Chrome OS. This was on chrome://apps but has since moved to chrome://app-management. Along with the URL change, the page now lets you manage all types of apps.

Manage Permissions from Chrome App Management Page

Let me show you this with a few examples. First of all, here is how the app management page looks like:

Some of them are Chrome apps, some of them are Android apps and some PWAs. No, I do not have Linux apps enabled at this time.

Let us open and see a Chrome app first.

I have an option to Pin the Files app to the shelf, in this example. Files is a system app, so Uninstall is grayed out.

When you open up an Android app, you will see more options. Permissions is one of them. Here is the Duo app.

I can:

  • Uninstall the app with single click
  • Toggle individual permissions like Camera, Microphone and Contacts etc on or off
  • Click “More permissions” to open the app settings within Android Settings app.
  • Pin the app to the shelf.

Now, here is WhatsApp, a PWA app that I have installed.

I can control various permissions for this PWA app too, using an identical UI. I am assuming that we will see Chrome apps and Linux apps also with similar controls.

So, that is the latest from Chrome OS app management page. Comments? Let me know!

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