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[Bug] Chrome Bookmarks Disappearing

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Many Google Chrome users are reporting that Chrome bookmarks are going missing without any warning. Users started reporting this issue back in April. I can see more users reporting this issue even in July 2019.

Some users report that they lost all of their bookmarks. For some, however, it is just a folder or multiple folders from within Chrome’s bookmarks.

You can track the official bug report here. Star the bug report to receive updates. If you are also facing this issue, follow the instructions in the bug to submit your report. This will help developers identify the cause and resolve the issue faster.

The bug report has only Windows listed as the affected operating system. However, I can see a report from a Mac user also on the community forum thread. This, however, can be a totally different issue though. If you are a Mac user with this issue, I’d recommend submitting a report so that the team can investigate this issue on Mac too.

I will update this thread when the issue is resolved. Stay tuned.

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