Windows Users can soon Uninstall PWAs from ‘Uninstall or Change a Program’ Menu in Control Panel

Google preparing to add a new way to uninstall Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) from Windows computers. Soon, you will be able to uninstall PWAs from the Control panel just like any other“real” app on your computer.


Here is the code change that Google submitted to the Chromium OS repository today:

PWA should be able to be uninstalled the same way
a “real app” canSummary:

The change allows installed Web Apps on Windows to be uninstalled from
the ‘Uninstall or change a program’ Control Panel.


Upon the shortcut creation operation, we add an ‘Uninstall Registry’
entry in the Windows registry. The registry entry is well known
and the system reads the entries to populate the Add Remove Programs.

The bug associated with this change is also publicly available and describes the same use case.

This takes PWAs on Microsoft Windows one more step closer to behaving like regular apps. We have already seen many such changes on Android where PWS now look and work a lot like native Android apps.

If you are a Windows or Chrome developer, head over to Chromium Gerrit to find out more on how this works. You’ll see a detailed note on how this feature will work.

For others, stay tuned. You’ll see this on Chrome for Windows soon.

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