Google Chrome Launches Built-in Color Themes

Google is adding built-in color themes to Chrome. This is currently available in the Canary version of Chrome to test.

I have been waiting for this feature to go live. The “Chrome Colors” flag showed up in chrome://flags page a few days ago.

Chrome Colors menu
Show Chrome Colors menu in the NTP customization menu. – Mac, Windows, Linux, Chrome OSChrome Colors menu

This is part of a new set of changes coming to Chrome’s new tab page design. We now have three types of customizations available:

  • Background
  • Shortcuts
  • Color and theme

Color and theme

Color and theme is the section that gets activated with the new flag. When enabled, this provides a bunch of colors to choose from.

There are only four colors to choose from. However, we might see additional options or custom color options here in the future.

Background and Shortcuts

The Background section is not new. You can pick from a collection of curated images or upload your own image to use as new tab page background.

Shortcuts is an interesting addition. This lets you either use frequently used websites or your own set of links on the new tab page. This article explains how to customize these links.

You can also hide all the links if you want to.

So, excited for the new incarnation of Chrome themes? Let me know in comments.

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