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You will be able to restore ‘Tab Groups’ like tabs and sessions

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It has been a while since I wrote about Chrome’s upcoming “Tab Groups” feature. So, here is an update, as seen on the latest Canary version of Chrome.

Before I start talking about changes to the features that we already know about, here is something new coming to tab groups.

Save and Restore Tab Groups

Google Chrome lets you quickly reopen tabs using a keyboard shortcut (CTRL + SHIFT + T). You can also restore an entire browsing session in case you accidentally close a Chrome window.

When the Tab Groups feature makes it to the Stable version of Chrome, you will most likely have this functionality for them as well.

For example, you will be able to close a group of tabs and then restore them with a single click.

The code for this has been added to Chromium and here is the commit log:

Save and restore tab groups

This implements basic session restore functionality for tab
groups. Currently, only whole browser session restore is supported;
restoring a window or a tab from the history menu won’t restore

Latest Screenshot

So here is how tab groups looks like as of today.

Tab Groups in Chrome

You can now identify different groups with colors. A placeholder tab or a name tab is created for each group. It shows the group name (or rather group number) and the color. All the other tabs in that group will have the same color.

All the tabs in that group are arranged on the right-hand side of this placeholder tab. If you add a tab from any other part of the whole tab list to this group, it will be moved and placed on the right-hand side of this placeholder tab.

I was not expecting this way of arranging tabs into groups though. I always end up clicking on that placeholder tab expecting it to do something. I can’t even drag it like other tabs.

So, that’s the latest on tab groups. You can follow the whole tab groups story here.

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