Chrome’s ‘Tab Group’ Feature is Coming to Android Too

If you are reading about Chrome’s upcoming Tab Groups feature, here is what we know so far:

Let us start today’s story from the last item in that list. When I spotted this code change today, I checked the chrome://flags entry for Tab Groups again. Chrome flags list supported platforms in the flag description. The Tab Groups flag did not have Android listed there. It only had Windows, Mac and Chrome OS.

What about Android then?

The code commit that I spotted says “Initial commit for create group button”. It did not have any additional details, but I noticed that this commit is being added to chrome/android/java folder within Chromium code.

I could also see the following in the discussion about this code change:

“This flat button is shown in the Tab Switcher, under an open tab. When the user taps the button, Chrome creates a new group of tabs that include the existing tab. It’s okay to use any of the following verbs in order to keep the text under 45 characters: Create, Make, Add.”

I am 90% sure that we are looking at a similar if not the same Tab Groups feature from the desktop version of Google Chrome.

Tab Grid with Groups?

XDA Developers reported last week that Chrome for Android is testing a grid layout for tabs. When I read about tab grouping for Chrome on Android, this is the first thing that came to my mind.

This is how the grid layout looks like on Android.

Now, just imagine dragging and dropping tabs from a stack of tabs to another. I think that will be a really nice way to manage tab groups and even tabs in general on mobile.

What do you think?

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