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Android’s Automatic SMS Verification Coming to Chrome too

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Automatic SMS verification, the feature that makes it easy for Android users to enter One Time Passwords (OTPs) into apps, is coming to Chrome browser too.

Automatic SMS Verification

According to Google’s developer documentation, Automatic SMS Verification:

“…can perform SMS-based user verification in your Android app automatically, without requiring the user to manually type verification codes, and without requiring any extra app permissions. When you implement automatic SMS verification in your app, the verification flow looks like this:

We can already access text messages on browser using messages.android.com (soon to be messages.google.com). This could be an extension of that feature.

The Code

Here is what I spotted today:

SMS Retriever API: Prototype

Well, the code commit had only that small sentence. However, within the code, you will see things like this, which clearly talks about reading SMS content:

Will his have uses beyond automatic verification of OTPs and other verification codes? Too early to say.

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