Chrome to Support Windows 10 System Styling for Video Captions

Speaking of prepping Chrome for the upcoming Chromium-based Edge browser from Microsoft, here is one more feature that Chrome is adding to better support Windows 10. Chrome is adding support for Windows 10’s system styling video captions.

Windows 10’s closed captions feature allows users to customize the look and feel of captions. You can customize font color and size etc. Chrome will soon add support for the feature. This means that the caption style used in Windows 10 settings will be used by Chrome too while playing videos with captions.

I spotted this code commit today:

webvtt: Add support for Windows system styling for captions

This change:
1) Adds 4 new properties to CaptionStyle
2) Adds a WindowsCaptionStyle class that extends CaptionStyle and adds Windows support for caption styling
3)Adds command line flag ‘–enable-windows-caption-style’ which is needed to run platform specific code
4)Follows the same pattern as the earlier change here:

It goes to to talk about items in the to-do list, things that we will soon see being added:

Next steps: Add support for background opacity, window opacity, and window color

There, yet another Chrome optimization for Windows 10, thanks to Microsoft’s Chromium-switch for the Edge browser. Whether you continue to use Chrome on Windows 10 or switch the new Edge when it launches, these changes are going to make your life a tad bit easier.


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