‘Picture in Picture’ Coming to Chrome Extensions and Chrome OS Video Player

Google recently added Picture in Picture mode to Chrome. I ended up using this feature more frequently that I thought I will. This is indeed a really useful feature.

Looks like Google is not done working with Picture in Picture. I keep seeing code commits that tweaks or adds enhancements to this feature almost every day. Today, I spotted two and they were not ordinary changes.

Allow Auto Picture-in-Picture for Chrome Extensions

Google Chrome extensions will soon be able to work in Picture in Picture mode. This code change talks about “Auto Picture in Picture” which means if enabled, Chrome extensions can automatically go to a Picture in Picture mode when you move away from their main window.

There seems to be something specific for PWA apps, but I could not really figure out what this code comment means:

And if in a PWA window, Auto Picture-in-Picture is allowed only in the scope of the PWA.

Chrome OS Video Player Support Auto Picture-in-Picture

Apart from Chrome extensions, another place where Google is adding Picture in Picture is the default video player.

The code commit simply states: “[CrOS Video Player] Support Auto Picture-in-Picture”. That’s all we need actually right?

Soon, a Chrome OS update will bring Picture in Picture to your video player too. Get ready to watch some movies from your SD card in the Picture in Picture mode!

Have you started using Picture in Picture? Let me know in comments!

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