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Chrome’s “Picture in Picture” Will Support Media Controls

I recently told you about a project that brings built-in Picture in Picture support to Chrome and other browsers. A code change submitted to Chromium repository suggests that we will get “Previous Track” and “Next Track” links too with Picture in Picture.

The Code – Picture in Picture

Google is not just adding Picture in Picture to Chrome. They are actively contributing to a browser API that developers can use to implement auto-Picture in Picture across multiple browsers.

This post is just to give you small additional information on Picture in Picture. There were two commits submitted the other day to add “Previous Track” and “Next Track” support to PiP.

Right now, PiP window supports Play and Pause buttons. When this change goes live, we will be able to switch tracks, or watch previous / next videos on a YouTube playlist etc from the PiP window itself.

Here is a screenshot:

That’s it guys. Go back to whatever you were doing 🙂

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