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Chrome OS to Get “Assistant Notification Types”

Before you get too excited reading the title, let me say this. I cannot say for sure that this is a new feature. The way Chrome OS treats Assistant notifications is going to be changed slightly.

I noticed this code commit today in the Chromium repository which talks about “notification types” for Assistant. I could not find any equivalent for such a feature in Android or Google Home devices, so this could be something new, on the desktop environment.

This will be significant however if Assistant comes to Windows and Mac via Chrome at some point.

Now, let us explore this code commit a bit more. Here is the full change log:

Add and support notification types for Assistant.

Previously all Assistant notifications were Message Center
notifications. Now, we’ll support notifications of type:

  • kInAssistant
  • kMessageCenter
  • kPreferInAssistant

The |kInAssistant| and |kPreferInAssistant| types are currently only
used to support timer notification UX requirements.

Still TODO: Entry/exit animations for in-Assistant notifications.

The bug associated with this change is not public, so this code commit and some code comments within the code are all we have.

Three Types of Notifications

Here is what I think we are going to get. There will be three types of Assistant notifications in Chrome OS

  1. In Assistant – This will be displayed only in Assistant view. I would assume that you will see these notifications only if you open Assistant.
  2. Prefer In Assistant – If the Assistant is not open, these notifications will be displayed in Message Center. However, when the user opens the Assistant, these notifications will be moved to Assistant where they will remain.
  3. Message Center: These notifications will be displayed along with Chrome OS notifications, in the system tray.

Can you find any parallels in the Android world for this? Or is this something totally new that the Assistant and Chrome OS team are building for Chromebooks?

Let me know in comments.

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