Drag and Drop Emails and Attachments from Outlook to Web Apps With Chrome #comingsoon

A feature request going back to 2013 is finally getting answered, at least on Chrome for Windows. For Outlook users on Windows, dragging and dropping emails and attachments to web apps like Dropbox or Google Drive wasn’t supported.

This is changing.

I spotted a code change request today with the longest commit log I have ever seen, which adds this feature. Highlights from the commit log:

Drag and Drop support for emails and attachments from Microsoft Outlook

On Windows platforms, users should be able to drag email messages or email attachments out of Outlook.exe and drop them on a file hosting service website such as OneDrive or Google Drive, just as if dragging files from File Explorer.

Email messages should be uploaded to the server as *.msg files; attachments dragged out of messages should be uploaded as files matching their and content. The scenario works in the -based Edge browser.

It does not work in Chromium-based browsers–the drag feedback UI indicates that a drop operation is allowed, but nothing happens when the drop is actually performed.

Notice the mention of Edge? Do you think this has something to do with Microsoft moving to a Chromium-based Edge browser? I am sure they would want to have drag and drop support for Outlook apps before they launch the new Edge browser?

Any which ways, if you are a Chrome + Outlook + Windows user and wanted to use this feature (like this user on the Chrome forum), I am sure you will appreciate this new addition.

Well, if you are a Windows + Chrome user, please let me know if you have any plans to switch to Chromium Edge, when it launches!

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