Chrome to Show Copied Text Next to “Paste & Search” in Omnibox

Here is a small design update that Chrome is going to make which I am sure a lot of you here will appreciate. To explain this better, let me tell you how this works as of now.

If you copy some text or a URL and right click on the Omnibox (addressbar), you will see a “paste and search” for text and “paste and go” for URLs. However, it currently does not show which text is there on the clipboard.

Wouldn’t it be helpful if Chrome shows what you are going to search or browse to, before you actually do?

I have had many instances like this; I will copy something and then do paste and search. However, the text was not actually copied, so Chrome will search using what was there on my clipboard, something I copied earlier.

If you right-click and select text on a website, however, Chrome makes it clear what you are going to search.

A bug that was submitted in 2017 requested this feature. The user also submitted multiple screenshots explaining what he actually wants. They also made sure that this thread stayed active. Here is a comment that this user posted on November 2018:

‘bumping’ this only because I’m sure it will make users more likely to use this feature, they will have more confidence and no doubt when using this feature if this gets implemented

Well, thanks to him, this feature is now being implemented. Code has been submitted and hopefully we will soon this feature working in the Canary channel of Chrome first.

So, if you are this user who submitted this feature request, kudos to you.

For the rest of us, let me know your thoughts in the comments section.

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