You Can Soon Search and Install Linux Apps From Chrome OS Launcher

Chrome OS launcher has a feature that lets you search for apps from the launcher and install them. This works for apps that you haven’t installed. You see apps in search results, with an option to install them with one click.

Crostini, the project that brings Linux apps to Chrome OS, is also getting this feature. According to this code commit that I noticed today, the team is adding experimental flags to enable this feature:

Experimental flags for crostini apt search

Flags for enabling/disabling crostini apt search (experimental feature)

The bug associated this code commit is also public:


Add APT search into Chrome OS App Launcher, so that uninstalled Linux packages and Apps can be searched for and installed via the App launcher.

However, the flag description from within the code makes things clear, without leaving any room for doubt:

Crostini App Search – Enable search and installation of Crostini apps in the launcher

I am not a Crostini guy, (Kevin is the biggest fan of Crostini that I know). However, even I think this is an exciting feature.

Chrome OS is adding Linux support, I get it. However, people need to know about Linux apps and app stores if you want them to install them. There is no better place than the launcher to advertise apps, on Chrome OS.

Do you agree?

Are you a Crostini fan? Say hello in comments and share your excitement!

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