Chrome Favicons Get a New Page Load Animation

That’s the best post title I could think of, trust me, I tried. I hope you got what I am trying to say here! If not, read on.

There is a tiny little animation that appears only on faviocns when you load or reload pages on Chrome. I noticed this on the Canary version of Chrome. Chances are that you have this on Chrome Dev channel as well. If not, this should reach you in weeks.

This is indeed a small, very small change. I did not have any plans to write about it. However, I changed mind later because, for one, I liked the way it looks. Two, it happens so frequently that I could not ignore it. 

When this feature is made available to all Chrome users, I am sure there will be a lot of curiosity around this tiny little design element.

With that, here is my poorly captured GIF of the animation.

You’ll have to watch it really close to see the animation. Here is a screenshot:

If you have Chrome Canary installed, go ahead and take a look. I am sure you’ll appreciate this subtle change!

Drop me a comment if you do! (you can comment if you do not like this animation too!)

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