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Change Google Assistant Default on Chrome OS to Voice or Text

Google recently launched a redesigned version of Assistant for Chrome OS. I have this working on my Pixelbook, and I have seen many users on Reddit who got this working on different models of Chromebooks.

On phones and tablets, the default method for interacting with the Assistant is voice. You can launch Assistant in voice mode and tap the keyboard icon to type in your commands. I do not think there is a way to change this default setting.

On Chrome OS, however, this is possible. You can make a keyboard input your default setting.

That when you tap the Assistant icon on your Chromebook, (or using the keyboard shortcut SEARCH + A) you can either make the Chromebook start in keyboard mode or voice mode. Here is how.

  1. Open Chrome OS Settings and go to Assistant section. Alternatively, you can directly open chrome://settings/googleAssistant
  2. Look for Voice Activation. This is disabled by default.
  3. The default is the keyboard. Enable Voice Activation to make voice your default.
  4. Keep Voice Action disabled to use as your default input.

When Voice Action is enabled, Assistant will launch in voice mode when you tap the Assistant icon or say “OK Google”.

When it is disabled, which is how I’d love to keep, Google Assistant will launch in keyboard mode when I use the Assistant icon, and in voice mode when I launch it using the OK Google command.

Let me know which method are you planing to use as default, and why.  I’d love to hear.

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