Use This Extension and Get a Blank New Tab Page

I have seen many workarounds being suggested to fix the new New Tab Page on Chrome. Well, I have seen such recommendations even before the Material Design makeover. The easiest method that I have seen however is this Chrome extension.

“Blank New Tab Page”

The “Blank New Tab Page” Chrome extension as the name suggests replaces the current new tab page design with a blank page.

Here is how it looks like, if you haven’t guessed it already:

If you are concerned that those most visited sites suggestions on the new tab page is distracting you, this Chrome extension is worth a try.

You can also disable the “Sign in to Chrome” page that is shown when you open a new Chrome window, just go to “chrome://settings” page, choose “Open a specific page or set of pages” and enter “chrome://newtab”.

Install the extension from here.

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