Chrome OS Gets Android 9, Pie (Canary Channel)

Google has updated the Canary version of Chrome OS to Android Pie, 9.0. Canary is the most experimental version of Chrome OS. The latest version of Chrome OS Canary comes with Android 9.0 onboard.

That’s skipping Android 8.0 completely.

The most important visible change is of course how the Android Settings app looks like. Here are some screenshots:

Redesigned Google Assistant UI

The next important change that I noticed is how Google Assistant is displayed. Currently, Assistant opens up in a separate window on the corner of the screen. It kind of looks like Assistant was added as an after thought to the Pixelbook.

The new UI brings Assistant to the center stage, quite literally. As I have always said, this could mean that other Chromebooks with Play Store support might soon get Assistant with this change.

Here is how it looks like now, you can launch assistant from the search bar.

I love the way it looks on my Pixelbook! What do you think? Let me know in comments!

Android Camera App is Now Default

This has been in the works for some time now and even showed up for a few lucky users few months ago. The Android Camera app is now the default option in Chrome OS.

Not just default, it may be the only option available, because I cannot see the Chrome OS camera app anywhere now!

Back to exploring and figuring out what’s new.

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