Updated Downloads Page from Chrome for Android [Screenshots]

“Are you good at turning one sentence into several paragraphs or even several pages?” asked a Redditor the other day. That was for a post about a new Chrome OS flag.

Today, I have only couple of screenshots to share. I mean, two or three screenshots, and that’s the whole blog post!

Redesigned Chrome Downloads Page

Google has redesigned the “Downloads Home” on Android. I cannot say for sure, but there is a good chance that they call this Downloads Home v2.

Here is how it looks like:

It lists larger size images and also organizes downloads into images and pages etc.

For some reason, a PDF that I downloaded did not show up here. The Articles for you section shows the same set of articles that we discussed in the chrome://dino article.

So my dear friend, here is a blog post created from a couple of screenshots. Hope you like it!

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