Chrome’s Latest New Tab Page Design is Completely Cuztomizable

I recently wrote a post explaining how to add custom links to Chrome’s new tab page. Looks like the team has made the entire new tab page customizable.

The New Design

I currently have two enabled for the new tab page: New Tab Page Material Design Icons and New Tab Page Material Design UI. The flag for custom links is set to “Default”.

Here is how my new tab page looks like at the moment:

You will notice that instead of thumbnails, the new design uses favicons. With this change, the new tab page looks cleaner. For some sites, the favicons show the number of notifications etc. For example, WhatsApp flags the number of unread messages, and Google Calendar shows the day and month. This is nothing specific to the new tab page. This is how favicons work.

The last icon on the list is “Add shortcut”. This lets you add a new link to the new tab page.

When you mouseover on any of those links, you’ll see an overflow settings icon (three dots) which lets you update the title and the URL of the link.

You can also remove any of those links from the same settings menu. When you do that, the “Add Shortcut” icon appears again, letting you know that you have space to add more links.

The initial list of links here is still created based on the “most visited” method. You can always click the gear icon on the bottom right corner of the page and choose “Restore default shortcuts” to go back to the original set of links.

With this design, Google allows us to (a) continue to use the new tab page the same way it used to work, but with a cleaner look or (b) customize all the links the way want.

Add the option to choose one of the Google Wallpapers as background or custom background, OR a photo from your Google Photos, you get the picture of what Google is trying to put together.

Now, time for you to chime in. Do you like this new design and the flexibility that it offers? let me know in the comments section below.

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