Google Chrome’s Toolbar has a “Trusted Area”

If you have played around with Google Chrome’s upcoming Material Design interface, you might have noticed a vertical line dividing the space where all the extension icons are displayed. Looks like this line has a purpose.

The area on the right-hand side of this line is called “Trusted Area”. As the name suggests, this is where all the trusted items show up on the toolbar.

You will mostly see icons related to Chrome features on the right side. For now, I only have my profile icon on the right side. All the extensions have to stay on the left, since they are (mostly) third-party content.

Chrome Getting Android-like Always-on Cast Icon

Based on what I read on this bug description, not every feature icon will show up there.

“With chrome://flags/#upcoming-ui-features enabled, Chrome has a trusted space (everything right of the vertical divider) to accommodate first-class features as well as differentiate between features vs. extensions. It’d be great to have Cast included in that set, when either the following are true:”

I have no clue what a “First class feature” is, do you?

Thanks to my friend P, now I know what a “First class feature” is. “First class features are the built in features of Chrome. First class is sort of the opposite of an “afterthought” feature (features that are nice to have, but are not prominent or fully maintained and invested in)

This bug was filed to add Chrome’s Cast icon to the Trusted Area. According to the bug description, you will have two options, one, always show the icon, even when you are not casting (much like the cast on the Android Quick Settings menu), or, show the icon only when you are casting from Chrome.

We might soon see a flag to enable this feature, and when it is made available, it will be a great help to those who cast frequently from Chrome. 

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