Chrome OS Adds Assistant Icon to Launcher

Last week I told you all that Chrome OS will soon move the Google Assistant icon to the search bar on the launcher. Today’s update to the Canary channel has implemented this feature. The only thing that it does in this early version is simply crash the whole Chromebook, but I have a couple of screenshots for you.

Last week we heard about a similar change showing up on the Pixel launcher on Android. Looks like Google wants to take Chrome OS launcher also in the same direction.

I am hoping that this will start working in upcoming versions of Chrome OS Canary channel. If everything goes alright, we will see Chrome OS getting more streamlined integration with the Assistant. Along with that, I am hoping to see Google Assistant notifications on the notifications area of Chrome OS. I have seen many commits around that change already.

It will now be easier to use Assistant on Chromebooks. However, what makes me even more excited about this feature is my belief that this is a sign of more (if not all) Chromebooks getting Google Assistant.

Stay tuned for more updates. If you are excited about this feature like me, say hello in the comments field.

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