Chrome OS to Get ‘Discover’ App

The Chrome OS team is working on an app named “Discover” to “show off” Chrome OS modules.

I am not 100% sure what these modules are, but it is most likely a name for the different features like Play Store and Assistant etc.

The Code

The commit log talks about the app will work, in detail. However, it does not say what these “modules” are.

Chrome OS: Add Discover app.

This CL adds Chrome OS Discover app. Discover should show modules, so a few modules mocks are included. These are mocks and thus they are missing strings and some other critical parts. But they should look as expected. app window further changes to match the specs, but this change mostly adds infrastructure. Bug: 864686

The bug associated with this change is public and says:

Create show off app

In-session app that allows users to select from a list of modules and perform any of them.

This commit makes a lot of changes to the code for the Chrome OS setup screen (OOBE). So, we might see this app initially while setting up a new Chromebook or Chrome OS tablet.

I know that this post does not have enough details about the app. I promise to bring you more news as and when this app lands in the Chrome OS Canary channel. For now, here is the app’s icon:

What do you think ? Is this something different than just a  “show off” app?

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