This Flag Enables Notification Badges in Chrome OS

Before we get started, this flag is currently available in the Canary channel of Chrome OS. It will most likely land in one of the upcoming Dev channel releases.

A few weeks ago, I shared a code change note from the Chromium repository which talked about adding “notification indicators” to Chrome OS. This feature is now available on Chrome OS canary channel behind a flag.

The Flag

Name: Notification Indicators

Description: Enable notification indicators, which appear on app icons when a notification is active. This will also enable notifications in context menus. – Chrome OS

Direct link: chrome://flags/#enable-notification-indicator

I tested this feature briefly using the Hangouts app, and it did work:

I also noticed a notification counter on the system tray, which I think is new. I do not remember seeing the number of pending notifications showing up there. Feel free to correct if I am wrong.

Update: Looks like the notification counter is not new.

It might take a few more weeks for this feature to start rolling out to Beta and Stable channels. Stay tuned for updates.

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