Chrome New Tab Page to Support Custom Background Image

I have always said that the Chrome New Tab page is where Google does the most number of design experiments. Search New Tab Page on Chrome Story and you will see dozens of reports on this. So,  here is the latest design change. The chrome://flags page a new flag:

New Tab Page Background Selection
Allow selection of a custom background image on the New Tab Page. – Mac, Windows, Linux, Chrome OS


I found this flag in the latest version of Chrome OS Canary build. However, after enabling this flag, I could not figure out how to change the background image for my new tab page. Hopefully, we will see this working in one of the upcoming builds.

There are a couple of other flags along with this-this, for the new tab page. Looks like Google is preparing for a totally new design of new tab page. We have had dozens of extensions trying out a lot of designs and features on the new tab page. It will be interesting to see what Google’s take is.

Custom Link Icons

Here are the new flags:

New Tab Page Material Design UI
Updates the New Tab Page with Material Design elements. – Mac, Windows, Linux, Chrome OS


New Tab Page Custom Link Icons
Show custom link icons on the New Tab Page, instead of Most Visited tiles. – Mac, Windows, Linux, Chrome OS


The second flag is very interesting. It removes the most visited sites tiles and allows us to add custom links. This will be the most important change to Chrome’s New Tab Page since the browser’s launch.

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  1. I’d rather have ability to manually add sites I want to be there (without having to click through entire history by deleting recent items) and customize the grid.

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