Chromebook Notifications To Get ‘Inline Reply Support

Chrome OS notifications will soon get “inline reply” support. Currently, Android Apps on Chrome OS supports this feature. According to a new code change submitted in Chromium source code, this feature will soon come to Chrome OS too.

Update: Here is a first look at Chrome OS notification with inline reply and actions:

What is inline reply? It is the ability to reply to messages from notifications. We do this quite often on our smartphones. Here is how it looks like on Chrome OS, for notifications from Android apps. I tested it with Hangouts app:

If I use the Hangouts app for Chrome OS, I cannot reply from the notification. When this feature is rolled out, I will be able to do that from Chrome OS apps too. Here is the code change request:

Add notification inline reply support to Chrome OS.

This adds UI side support of notification inline reply to
NotificationViewMD, which is a View framework notification
implementation used in Chrome OS.

Several features are missing from this implementation.
– Animation
– Submit icon on the right side


From the associated bug:

Android and Windows are supporting inline reply for web notifications (Issue 599859). And now it’s time to start implementing it for Chrome OS.

I think most of non-UI code are already implemented by their works, so what we do is implementing native UI for Chrome OS Message Center. We already support inline reply for ARC notification so we don’t expect much works except UI (eg. forcusing, keyboard, IME …, etc). But some tweak might be necessary.

If everything goes according to the plan, we will see this feature being rolled out to Dev channel of Chrome OS pretty soon.

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