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Google Chrome To Add Support For Windows 10 Action Center Notifications

Google Chrome is adding support for a popular Windows 10 feature called Action Center. The team is currently working on this, and we might see this soon on the Canary channel, behind an experimental flag.

Action Center is a notification area, with actionable notifications, plus some additional controls similar to your notification try on Android. The Google Chrome team was initially hesitant to add this feature. However, like they are getting ready to do this.

Issue 516147 was created in 2015 August, requesting this feature. However, in 2016, the team created a new request, Issue 734095. The current code change request was submitted as part of this request. The commit log says that this is the first step towards adding Action Center support:

First step towards being able to show Action Center notifications.

This CL introduces a NotificationPlatformBridge for Windows that can
display notifications in the Windows Action Center. Only the title, body
text and attribution text of the notification are included for now.

In addition, events for the notifications aren’t being listened to yet
either. Because of this I’ve made it possible to toggle the base::Feature
for Windows, but have not amended the chrome://flags entry yet.

Note: This is an evolution of https://codereview.chromium.org/2906133005/
but with a notification_template_builder class replacing the

Note: The code in notification_platform_bridge_win.* that relates to the
ComBase functions, is adapted from the WinRT Midi Manager and I plan to
move them to base/win and share with that code.

It might take a while before this feature shows up on the Stable version of Chrome. However, if you are on the Dev or Canary channel, looks for a flag in the future releases.

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4 responses to “Google Chrome To Add Support For Windows 10 Action Center Notifications”

  1. I’ll be happy to have them integrated with the Windows notification center. Currently the Chrome notifications just disappear once they’ve been displayed. Once they are in Windows we’ll get a history until it’s cleared.

    I assume the challenge for them is creating the cross platform code base. Since Chrome OS has to provide the notification feature anyway it’s extra effort to do it differently on Windows and MacOS. I’m just guessing though.

  2. Is this extension ( notification center) or feature available now on Chrome?
    If so, how do I get it installed.

    1. It is expected to be a feature, not an extension. I am yet to see this on Chrome.

      1. Thanks for reply
        I certainly hope so soon…..I had to remove? Edge for it was corrupted
        and lost the notification/action center when I installed Chrome.
        Oh well I look forward to it in Chrome.

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