‘SMS Connect’ Shows Up In Chrome OS

A common theme among Chromebook related news this year seems to be how your mobile phone and Chromebook will work together, and even share the same set of apps.

Here is one exciting piece in that puzzle. A new feature called “SMS Connect” has showed up in the Dev and Canary channels of Chrome OS.

At this point, there isn’t any information about how this feature will work. Details are scarce. The most popular assumption seems to be SMS notifications on your Chromebook. Or may be even the ability to view and respond to text messages from Chromebook.


SMS Connect shows up under Settings when you enable the following flag:

Enable multidevice features Chrome OS
Enables UI for controlling multidevice features. #multidevice

The keyword here is “Multidevice”. When you look at SMS Connect under Chrome OS settings, it comes under a new heading “Connected devices”. This makes me assume that there are more features and settings to be added around the “multidevice” theme. This may not even be just a Chromebooks + Android phone thingie. It could be Chromebooks + Chromebooks too, right? Or Chromebooks + X device.

Well, I’m just thinking out loud here. We should definitely keep a close eye and report back anything new we find. Stay tuned.

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