Shiny New Design For The Chrome OS OOBE Update Screen

The Out-of-the-box experience, (OOBE) is the screen that you see when you first set up a Chromebook. You might also see this screen after you powerwash your Chromebook. While setting up your account, Chrome OS checks for any available updates, and downloads them before you login. This screen is getting an update.

Google is improving the look of this screen with new illustrations. According to the bug created for this change, they also want to convert these illustrations into short animations in the future.

Now, to the pictures themselves.

What do you think ?

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  1. Can you tell me why some models of Chromebooks only update to a mid-term Chrome OS update during the OOBE instead of just the latest version? It’s not like they need to, because on the same machines you can just log in as a guest without setting up an account and do a manual update. It will update to the latest version this way. I see Chromebook 15’s go from ~42 to 50 as standard from the OOBE – they don’t just get the latest version.

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