Launch Google Assistant Using Stylus On a Chromebook?

Samsung introduced the first Chromebook with stylus. According to reports based on commit logs from the Chromium repository, there are many more Chromebooks with “pen” in the works. We also know that Chromebooks are getting Google Assistant and a dedicated Assistant key on the keyboard.

Now, what if you can launch Google Assistant using the stylus? Wouldn’t that make the stylus a bit more useful on Chrome OS?

We do not have a lot of details available yet, but if this commit log is to be believed, future Chromebooks will be able to launch the Assistant with a long press.

The commit log says this:

cros: Change Assistant pen timing

Start the animation a bit earlier, invoke the Assistant a bit later.

(see the bug for details).

The bug associated with this change is private, which makes this even more interesting. Not many things are private on the Chromium code base. Now, here is comment from within the code:

// Delay the actual voice interaction service invocation for better

// visual synchronization with the metalayer animation.

So we are looking at a user doing something using their pen, and an animation on the screen, followed by Google Assistant launching, waiting for the voice command.

As you can see, we still need more information to confirm this feature. Stay tuned for more updates

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  1. There’s a button on the top of the pen. That would make a perfect Assistant starter.

    1. Does the pen have some tech inside ?

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