Google To Call Chromebook Stylus “Assistant Pen” ?

Deep within Chromium code, Google has started calling the Chromebook stylus “Assistant Pen”. Looks like future Chromebooks will come with a better stylus and can do much more than just point and draw.

Things we already know:

Now, to what I found out today. It all started with this code change request:

Additional UMA for Assistant pen Bug: 753961 Change-Id: Id07fe32fd858105ece3b8ed3cb38b68e4e7a710e

The word Assistant Pen looked interesting, but I wanted to be sure that it is not just an engineer’s way of explaining a feature related to Stylus. So, I started going through the code changes. Well at least the comments within the code, because that’s all I can understand, to be frank!

And I found this:

When you have statements like this within the official code, it is unlikely that “Assistant Pen” is a an engineer’s imaginative description of another feature:

The interval between subsequent Assistant pen gestures within a session.
Session is defined as the period while the Assistant tool is enabled.

There is still a possibility that Google is working on a new product called “Assistant Pen”. However, based on the high activity around stylus on Chrome OS code these days, this is most likely a new wave of stylus, and not a new product line.

This also means that Google Assistant on Chromebooks is not a hobby project of Google. We will continue to see more action in this area in the future. Chromebooks provide them the best tool to take Google Assistant to the web and expand in the future, to other browsers.

So, are you ready to buy a new Chromebook with an Assistant Pen?

4 responses to “Google To Call Chromebook Stylus “Assistant Pen” ?”

  1. Yep, I’m ready, but may I have the chance to do? Nope. Chromebooks are an unknown thing in Germany. You can’t buy hardware in stores and online resellers offer two to three different devices from 2015/16.

  2. It ain’t so rosy here either, fellas! Google continually hypes us all-up with ads and promotions, but the finished products take forever to finally get here. Witness the Samsung Chromebook Pro and Plus models. They took 6-months to get here and they didn’t have Play Store when they finally arrived! Same thing with the Ruggedized, Education models. 6-8 months delay from the first announcements in Jan. 2017. Now they are trickling in. Meanwhile, school has already started!

    Now we are being battered with hype bout the “Eve” Chromebooks. I think a lot of people who were going to buy other Chromebooks are now waiting for “Eve”, but by the time “Eve” arrives, Google will already have hyped the next generation of successors to “Eve’. End result: Customers just sit on the fence and wait, and wait. I know because I’m caught in this very position as I try to decide which new Chromebook to buy.

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