Chromebooks Get Keyboard ‘Auto-repeat’ Controls To Set Repeat Rate and Delay

The latest version of Chrome OS Canary build comes with an additional set of controls for the Chromebook keyboard. Auto Repeat might be a new term for many of you, so here is what it means.

What Is Auto-repeat?

Open up a text field and press and hold any key. It starts repeating, right? For example, if you open up a text field and press and hold the L key, you will see an L first, and then after a tiny delay, you will see L “repeating”. The keyboard goes on typing L until you take your finger off from the L key.

Now, this “repeating” is called “auto-repeat”. Notice a tiny delay before it starts typing the same character again and again? This delay is called the Repeat Delay. Now, how fast is the character repeating, or appearing on the screen? It is called the Repeat Rate.

Microsoft Windows and macOS both have this feature. So, this is not a Chrome OS-only thing! This is just another fine detail that Google is adding to its beloved operating system while preparing it for wold domination.

From Chrome OS Settings you can:

  • Enable or disable Auto-repeat
  • Set the Delay before repeat
  • Set Repeat Rate.

To access these settings, go to Settings > Keyboard > Enable auto-repeat.

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  1. a hacker has a virus that types characters repeatedly

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