Chrome OS Gets A New Set Of Animated Profile Icons

The latest version of Chrome OS in the bleeding-edge Canary channel has a visual treat for the users. It comes with a new set of default profile icons, complete with animation.

Edit: These icons animate only on the Settings page. For now. Will they animate on the login screen too in the future?

Edit 2: The animation works on the lock screen.

Edit 3: Canary channel got one more update today. The profile icon now animates even on the login screen. The only place I don’t see it moving is the system tray.

You still have the option to choose your Google profile picture, or a locally stored picture, or even take a picture using Chromebook’s camera. However, looking at these shiny new pictures, I am considering switching back to one of these from my Google profile picture.

I noticed a commit around this yesterday, but could not check for a new build this morning on my Toshiba Chromebook 2 which runs the Canary channel. Luckily for us, William Greene from the Chromebook community on Google Plus has found this and shared a screenshot. Thank you, William!

Here you go:

The new set of default profile icons now match the design theme of the login screen, which was updated recently. They also remind me of some default wallpapers that came with a previous version of Android.

With this, Material Design has come to the default profile icon set of Chrome OS too/

Do you like them? Let me know in the comments section.

2 responses to “Chrome OS Gets A New Set Of Animated Profile Icons”

  1. No, they’re kind of bland. Of course, that’s one of Chrome OS’s biggest problems on a design level. A lack of style and creativity. There’s so much more they could do to make Chrome OS pop which would also help it look more mature and trustworthy to the masses. Substance it has. Style, not so much.

    • I find it just fine. Certainly better than many other Linux DE’s like LXDE, XFCE, or Raspberry Pi’s PIXEL. Those just look like they came from Windows 3-XP, and those OS’s were UGGH-LY. The Origami animal shapes are definitely something unique, colourful, but also simple. They fit in perfectly with Material Design aesthetics, too.

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