You Can Soon Cast ‘To’ Chromebooks and Chrome Browser

You can cast it from your Chrome browser. You can cast from your Chromebooks. You videos and movies on your big screen, controlling the playback from Chrome and Chrome OS. What if you can cast to Chrome?

There are extensions available to make Google Chrome a Google Cast receiver but looks like Google is preparing to make this an inbuilt feature.

Now, I am writing this based on very limited information. It is possible that the code change that I am referring to, is a totally different thing. Also, features like this can get canceled even before they are added to the experimental builds of Chrome and Chrome OS.

The Code

As I said, there isn’t much information available on this code change. The associated bug is restricted (always a good sign!).  There is only the title for this commit log, no description! Sometimes these descriptions come with steps to test the feature that they are referring to. In this case, that is missing too.

Add a command line switch to enable the Cast Receiver.

That’s all it says. The files associated with this change are only that host all the experimental flags. This change also seems to be adding the flag name to the list. We will have to wait till we see more file changes to make a better-educated guess.

What Is Cast Receiver

According to Google’s documentation:

A receiver application is an HTML5/JavaScript application that runs on the receiver device, such as a Chromecast. The receiver application performs the following functions:

  • Provides an interface to display the app’s content on the TV.
  • Handles messages from the sender application to control the content on the receiver device.
  • Handles custom messages from the sender application that are application-specific (applicable only when using a Custom Receiver).

So, if it is what I think it is, we will soon be able to cast content from your phone and watch it on your Chromebook? I am not able to find that very attractive unless Google has something else under the sleeve.

Oh wait, if you are running Chrome in Kiosk Mode, on digital signage, this makes perfect sense.

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  1. As someone who has chromeboxes attached to my TV’s this will allow me to get rid of my chromecasts and allow me to use an air mouse.

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