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Meet the Shiny New Touch Friendly Chrome OS Launcher

Here is a sleek new Chromebook launcher design that Chrome OS team is experimenting with. The idea here is to make it touch friendly.

Update: The latest Canary channel update has a name for this launcher:  “The Peeking Launcher”

The design itself is really sleek and shiny. It looks like an Android launcher inspired version of Chrome OS launcher.

Google search, text and voice, is right at the center of this new design. This is not surprising with all the rumors that we have around Google Assistant coming to Chromebooks.

Will this be a launcher only for touchscreen Chromebooks?

Good question. For now.

I think in the future, all Chromebooks will come with a touchscreen. It is a matter of time for Google to make it a part of their official list of requirements for manufactures.

Test The New Launcher

Enable the chrome://flags/#enable-fullscreen-app-list flag, restart Chrome, and press the Search key to see it in action.

This flag is currently available only in the Canary channel of Chrome OS. If you are on the Dev channel, look out for the next update, and you might see it!

So, what do you think? Will you make this your default launcher if it was available to you?

Via François Beaufort