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Facebook To Contribute To Chromium Code?

I’ll be honest with you. I’m not sure if I know what I am talking about it here. However, since I stumbled upon it, I thought it will be interesting to share it with my fellow Chromies and ask them what they think about this.

Commit log on the code in question says this:

Update AUTHORS file for Facebook organization

We are unblocking contributors from @fb.com and @oculus.com to contribute to Chromium. Our primary contributor group is still specified in our Facebook CLA group and should be consulted before allowing any contributions.

I checked the AUTHORS file and found that there are several individual contributors with their personal email accounts, along with a few companies with wildcard access.  For example, here is the entry for Google:

Google Inc. <*@google.com>

This makes anyone with an @google.com address a contributor. There are a few more companies like these, HP, Samsung, and IBM etc. Today, @fb.com and @oculus.com got added to the list:

Amazon, Inc <*@amazon.com>
ST Microelectronics <*@st.com>
Yandex LLC <*@yandex-team.ru>
StrongLoop, Inc. <*@strongloop.com>
Facebook, Inc. <*@fb.com>
Facebook, Inc. <*@oculus.com>

Does this mean an official collaboration between Google and Facebook or am I just making things up? Thoughts? Comments?

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3 responses to “Facebook To Contribute To Chromium Code?”

  1. I’m sure they’re not going to let Facebook takeover Chrome 😛

  2. It just means that Facebook contributes to the Chromium code. Maybe for their own software or something – Opera is also on this list, since they use Blink and contribute heavily to the code and fix bugs. It is not a real collaboration, it’s just that they all develop together on Chromium. See the picture above for example: Facebook contributed heavily to V8, together with Samsung, Amazon, Intel…

  3. I don’t know the answer but I hope not. I hate it when a great thing goes and does something and spoils everything. I vote for no Facebook.

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