Native Notifications Coming To Chrome For MacOS

Google Chrome for MacOS is getting support for native notifications in upcoming version 59. Chrome for Mac is currently on version 58, and the beta channel is on version 59. If you are using the Beta or the Canary channel, you should already be using this!

In coming weeks, when Chrome for Mac hits version 59 on the stable channel, users will be able to use native notifications without any additional configuration. As the developer documentation for this feature explains, this change makes Chrome on macOS feel much better integrated into the platform and fixes a number of long standing bugs, such as Chrome not respecting the system Do Not Disturb setting.

When Chrome starts using the native notification system, you will see couple of changes in the way notifications look and work. The appearance of icons will change. They’ll be smaller in size and padding is applied. If you are a developer, the documentation advises switching to a transparent background icon instead of a solid color to be aesthetically pleasing.


Native notifications will not have action icons. You will be seeing only the text. Here is how it looks like:

The image notification template will no longer show the image. If you are a developer, you would want to review your extensions and check if you are showing any important information using images. As long as the images where supplementary to information displayed otherwise, you are fine. Progress notifications will append a percentage value to the notification title to indicate the progress instead of a progress bar.

If you are a user, it might take a day or two to get used to the new look and feel of the notification system. Otherwise, things are looking bright and sunny!

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